9 Disney Hidden Secrets

Get ready to uncover the hidden secrets of Disney World Florida, from fake flags to smells of popcorn and hidden bedrooms.

Fake flags, smells of popcorn and hidden bedrooms, we uncover all the hidden secrets that you’ve always wanted to know about Disney World, Florida.

Disney fans across the globe might think they know everything about this magical kingdom, but we have delved into the deep, dark cupboards of time and uncovered some of Disney’s best-kept secrets.

From hidden secrets within the castle walls to wafting smells of popcorn and cupcakes, if you want to get a backstage pass to awesome Disney secrets then keep on reading.

Cinderella’s Castle Actually Has Bedrooms


With its crisp white walls, deep blue steeples and gold accents, Cinderella’s castle is an iconic figure of Disney, but what people don’t know is what goes on behind closed doors. Inside this monumental castle is actually a suite of rooms that was originally built for Walt Disney and his family but is now used for very special guests.

Lucky contestant winners and very special guests will get to revel in the beauty of the rooms that hide behind the walled façade. The lavish interiors contain a Jacuzzi hot tub, 17th century furniture, a mosaic floor made with 24-karat gold and a clock that freezes in time at 11:59pm.

Although you can’t book to stay in the castle, Disney often hold sweepstakes and competitions to win a night stay in this wonderful building, so if you’re feeling lucky, it might be worth betting your glass slipper on this one. 

Disney Castle with river view

Popcorn and Cupcakes


As you enter the park you’re often hit with the waft of freshly baked cupcakes and popcorn, a signature smell of the Disney parks, but the smells aren’t actually real.

A smell can be a sensor trigger for memory and the Imagineers of Disney recognised this, leading them to start pumping certain smells into areas of the park. The Pirates of the Caribbean smells slightly damp and the main street USA smell like freshly baked bread and popcorn. Pumped into the Florida air, if you’re planning to visit soon then prepare for a rollercoaster of smells and sensations.

Guaranteed High Score on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger


That’s correct, if you play your cards (or the game) right, you can guarantee a high score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin! All you have to do is keep your eye out for a red robot with a claw in the first room you will visit. These targets will gain you 100,000 points each, shoot them throughout the game to keep your high score.

If you can manage this you might hit the maximum score of 999,999 before the ride is even over. Keep this secret to yourself though, else you might not be the only one winning!

Secret Passages


Magic Kingdom seems even more magical when you find out that it has its very own secret passages underneath the streets you walk along every day.

To avoid any miscommunication and unprofessionalism from his staff, Walt decided to install a system of underground tunnels that the staff could use to get to their posts before their shifts started, all completely unnoticed. Spanning 392,040 square feet and filled with all sorts of secret rooms, dressing areas, staff cafeterias and prop storage, it really is a maze of magical treasures.

 Walt Disney World

Pointing is Banned


Well, not strictly true, pointing with one finger is deemed rude in the Walt Disney parks, so much so that they say you can only point with two fingers when behind the park gates.

Emma from Me, The Man and the Kids told us all about it: “When we got home and looked up more information about Walt Disney World (we did no research prior to our trip) we learnt that Walt Disney is pointing with two fingers in his famous statue in front of the castle as it's rude to point with just the one finger, there's so much more to that statue when you look at it closely.”

All the Flags are Fake


In a bid to avoid the rules of the National Flag Code in America, all of Disney’s flags are fake! Flags following the National Code have to be flown at half-mast on special occasions, to try and avoid this all the flags in the park are missing at least one start or stripe, totally unnoticeable to the eye, it deems them pennants as opposed to flags and therefore void from the rules.

Hidden Mickeys

If you’re looking for a challenge, then keep your eyes peeled for hidden Mickeys across Disney World. Hidden silhouettes of Mickey Mouse are hidden across Disney resorts, some easily visible, some are a little more discreet. All part of the fun of visiting this special location, hardcore Disney fans may already know where some of these lie, but no one has actually ever figured out the real number, could you be the first?

Minnie and Mickey

The Food is Grown on Site


“Not many guests realise that some of the crops produced in the Living with the Land greenhouses make it onto the table of Epcot’s restaurants. Thousands of guests eat at Walt Disney World on a daily basis and it’s fantastic to see that Disney is producing food for guests on site. Living with the Land is such a fascinating ride, so definitely plan it into your next visit to Epcot." Says Kat from Kat Last.

The food grown on site is often used in the on-site restaurants and cafes. Epcot is renowned for producing its own produce in the Living with the Land Greenhouses.

The Roses Are All Unique

Each rose at Disney is unique and bespoke for the park only.

 Nowhere else in the world will have the same roses as the colourful clusters you will see dotted around the rides. The sheer time and money it would take to individually design and create that many roses tells you a lot about how much Disney prides itself on a stunning display for its millions of fans.

“We were told by a member of staff while we were sat watching a duck wander around a small bit of garden, that the stunning roses were made uniquely for Disney.” Says Emma.

Snow white and roses

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