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Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

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Take a cool break in Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park and let the fun commence!

Our Guide to Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

Imagine powering down Summit Plummet, which just happens to be the world's tallest and fastest free-fall speed slide!

This exhilarating ride sees you hurtle down at speeds around 60 MPH! And it's not every day you find a 90-foot-tall, 'snow'-capped mountain in the middle of a Florida-style ski resort - but you will find one when you use your Disney tickets at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park - the largest water park available with a Disney ticket.

There are 22 thrilling water slides and icy bobsled runs that stay comfortably warm, but are really fast! Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park also features special areas for pre-teens and young children, plus a beautifully relaxing, one-acre wave pool.

Fun for little ones

  • Tike’s Peak: a kid-sized version of the Park, complete with mini Mt Gushmore.

Big thrills

  • Summit Plummet: plunge at more than 55mph straight down one of the world’s tallest, fastest free-fall speed slides.
  • Toboggan Racers: ready, set, snow! Race family and friends down the mountain on one of eight hilly track.
  • Slush Gusher: zip down this exhilarating water slide over not one, but two rolling hills.

Family Fun

  • Teamboat Springs: the family that rafts together, laughs together on this 1,200ft rollicking ride over rushing waterfalls.
  • Melt-Away Bay: this one-acre pool is the perfect chill out zone.
  • Cross Country Creek: drift lazily through melting caves and misty waterfalls on this gently meandering stream which flows around the whole Park.

Please Note:  The Disney Water Parks are subject to seasonal closure each year for maintenance and refurbishment. Only one of the water parks will be closed at any one time. This planned closure normally only occurs during the winter months.

Rides and attractions at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park

  • Melt-Away Bay


    Melt-Away Bay is a one-acre wave pool offering a variety of aquatic recreation activities. Play in the bobbing waves. Float lazily on a raft. Sunbathe in a comfortable beach chair —on a sandy white beach. Take an invigorating swim or bask under a refreshing waterfall. Melt-Away Bay is an expansive oasis at the base of Mount Gushmore.

  • Summit Plummet

    Summit Plummet

    Minimum Height - 122cm or taller

    Summit Plummet is a thrilling, high speed, adrenalin-pumping vertical drop. At a "chilling" 120 feet high, this sky-scraping ski jump is one of the world's tallest and fastest free-fall body slide.You'll plunge down the 360-foot long flume and through a darkened tunnel at speeds from 50 to 60 miles per hour.

  • Toboggan Racers

    Toboggan Racers

    Ready. Set. Snow! Toboggan Racers is an 8-lane waterslide race on toboggan-style mats for big kids, teens and adults at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park.. Grab a mat at the top and race your friends or family members down the mountain over a series of dips to the bottom of Mount Gushmore. This 250-foot long waterslide is an avalanche of fun!

  • The Chairlift

    Chair Lift

    Minimum Height - 82cm or taller

    The Chairlift attraction transports you to the top of Mount Gushmore, aboard wooden, ski resort type chairlifts. The Chairlifts provide a leisurely one-way trip to the top of the mountain for access to three rides at the Green Slope area of the mountain: The Slush Gusher, the Summit Plummet or the Teamboat Springs.

  • Cross Country Creek

    Cross Country Creek

    Minimum Height - 48" (1.22m)

    Cross Country Creek is a slow, water raft ride along a gentle meandering stream that encircles Blizzard Beach Water Park. Put your feet up as you Pass through large cave-like tunnels—and under gentle, misty waterfalls as your raft drifts aimlessly along. Use Cross Country Creek for effortless transportation to other areas of the park.

  • Downhill Double Dipper

    Downhill Double Dipper

    Minimum Height - 122cm or taller

    Downhill Double Dipper is an inner tube waterslide that resembles an Olympic-style downhill ski race with starting gates and a time clock to track each racer's time. As you speed down a pair of 50-foot high, 230-foot-long side-by-side racing slides at 25 miles per hour, you disappear into a tunnel and emerge just before splashdown.

  • Runoff Rapids

    Runoff Rapids

    Runoff Rapids are 3 unique waterslides that slope down a mountain. The centre slide is fully enclosed and accommodates one rider at a time. The two outer slides' rafts hold up to 2 people. All 3 slides twist and turn down the hill, taking you on an invogorating ride with a plunge into the pool at the bottom. Dive in!

  • Ski Patrol Training Camp

    Ski Patrol Training Camp

    Ski Patrol Training Camp is a special aquatic play area for big kids and preteens. Swoosh down curvy waterslides and inner-tube slides. Grab a T-bar and hang on as you zip across the pool until dropping into the water or test your balance with a challenging walk across floating icebergs. This is the ultimate water fun for kids.

  • Slush Gusher

    Slush Gusher

    Minimum Height - 122cm or taller

    Take a brisk ride down Mount Gushmore over not one, but two rolling hills as you zip down this exhilarating waterslide. Slush Gusher is a thrilling ride for active, waterslide enthusiasts. Zip down and find out for yourself! To get to Slush Gusher ride the Chairlift to the top of Mount Gushmore.

  • Snow Stormers

    Snow Stormers

    Snow Stormers are 3 racing 350-foot long waterslides that slope down Mount Gushmore, plunging riders into a refreshing pool at the bottom. Grab a toboggan-style mat, lie down on your stomach and speed down the mountain, banking through curvy paths marked by ski-type gates on switchback, slalom-style racing slides.

  • Teamboat Springs

    Teamboat Springs Water Ride

    At 1,200 feet long the Teamboat Springs whitewater raft ride is one of the longest family raft rides in the country, giving you a nice long, invigorating journey down the river. Bring the gang aboard and take a rollicking ride down a series of cascading waterfalls. Rafts seat 6, so the whole family can ride this one together.

  • Tikes Peak

    Tikes Peak

    Minimum Height - 122cm or shorter

    Tikes Peak offers scaled-down, kid-sized slides that resemble the bigger waterslides of Mount Gushmore. Little ones will have mountains of fun at this water wonderland. The wading pool at Tike's Peak is very shallow, with a snow-castle fountain and pop-up water jets for tots to splash and play near. Children must be less than 48 inches tall.

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