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The Scariest Animals from the Movies

Take a look at our guide to the scariest animals from the movies

The movies have created some really scary animals and here we take you through the most frightening ones from the movies.

There have been some classic movies in the past that have featured some terrifying animals and whilst fortunately for us a lot of these animals are not real, there are a number of rides that have been created about them.

Visitors who have had tickets to Universal Studios Orlando I’m sure will have great memories of the amazing Jurassic Park ride. Now visitors can try a new ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure which has been based on King Kong.

The Skull Island - Reign of Kong attraction has now opened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and you can catch a glimpse of what to expect in the below video.

To celebrate the opening of the Skull Island – Reign of Kong attraction, we have compiled a list of the scariest animals from the movies with help from some movie buffs. Is your favourite on our list?


Indominus Rex

Jack De La Mare, who is the founder of Jurassic Park fan site Jurassic Outpost, says the Indominus Rex is certainly one of the scariest animals from the movies.

He said, “Indominus means: ‘Fierce or untameable king’ and that couldn’t be more accurate. The Indominus Rex, a hybrid created at Jurassic World, is a mix of Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops and Giganotosaurus, meaning its aggression index is incredibly high. Her roar is estimated to reach 140-160db, which is the same as a Boeing 747 taking off. Now that is loud.

“Along with her size (12 metres and still growing) and vocals, she has the ability to camouflage to her environment, making her a skilled hunter and terrifying animal to encounter.

“The Indominus Rex is one of the largest and scariest ‘dinosaurs’ to ever be bred at Jurassic World.”



If a giant man-eating Great White Shark doesn’t scare you, then nothing will!

Sean Evans, the chief executive officer and founder of Back to the Movies, explains why Jaws is the scariest animal of the lot.

He said, “Jaws for me would be one of the scariest animals in the movies as our minds dwell into the fantasy creatures of Godzilla and King Kong but they're just that. Fantasy. Sharks are as real as the air we breathe and anything with that many teeth scares the life outta me.”

Those heading to SeaWorld can enjoy the new Mako roller coaster and experience what it would be like to be the fastest shark in the world. Check out our guide to the sharks of Florida to see all the different types of sharks you could potentially see in the waters around the Sunshine State.




Jurassic Outpost founder Jack De La Mare also believes that the Velociraptor has to be included in the list.

He added, “Intelligent and deadly, the Velociraptor is by far the most dangerous animal cloned by InGen at Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.

“While incredibly aggressive, they are also very social animals with a complex pack dynamic. Much like a pride of lions, Velociraptors are typically observed with a few females leading the pack, with males making up the majority of the population.

“Velociraptors tend to stay near their nest, only venturing out to hunt. They are particularly defensive of their nest and eggs. Velociraptors communicate using a variety of noises – screeches, barks, growls and hisses.

“Their infamous six inch retractable sickle claw on the inner toes of each foot ensures that they are one of the most deadly animals bred at Jurassic Park.”

To experience the scariness of a Raptor, you need to try out Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.




There is no doubting that seagulls can be pests. Just buy some fish and chips by the coast to see why!

But Alton Williams, who runs the Battle Royale With Cheese website, explains why seagulls are so terrifying.

He said, “Seagulls scare me the most. Why? Haven’t you seen The Birds?!”



King Kong

King Kong is one of the most famous giant movie monsters as the colossal ape first started wreaking havoc as far back as 1933.

The 50 to 100-foot-tall ape first appeared in King Kong in 1933 and has featured in several remakes as well as the classic King Kong vs. Godzilla movie. Most recently Kong returned in 2005 in a film directed by Oscar winner Peter Jackson.

Kong is the last of his kind and his greying fur, battle-worn scars, wounds and a crooked jaw make the beast a formidable looking animal.

Visitors with Orlando park tickets and passes can now come face-to-face with this beast at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

King Kong



Godzilla is a terrifying dinosaur-like beast and according to the Toho Kingdom website is around 50 metres tall and weighs a staggering 20,000 tons.

If its size doesn’t daunt you, then the fact it has regenerative powers, can fly by using its breath, absorbs electricity to become a magnetic force and boasts an atomic ray definitely should.

This world-renowned animal has featured in a number of films, including Godzilla Raids Again, King Kong vs. Godzilla, Mothra vs. Godzilla, Godzilla vs. Megalon and Godzilla: Final Wars.




At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter visitors can enjoy the Dragon Challenge rollercoaster in complete safety, but in the films these fire-breathing reptiles are fearsome.

In the Harry Potter films dragons were used to guard vaults and formed part of the first challenge of the Triwizard Tournament, whilst in other movies such as Reign of Fire these monsters emerge from the earth and begin to set everything ablaze.

Fortunately, the Islands of Adventure Dragon Challenge ride focuses on the exciting side of dragons as visitors reach speeds of 60mph during the two-minute ride.

If you’re not one for rides, in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios visitors can see a fire-breathing dragon perched on top of a building to see how big the animals would be if they were alive today.


Image Credit: Alan, Keng Susumpow, Tom, osseous

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