Introducing Pop: A Brand New Live Show at SeaWorld Orlando

Brand-new live show - Now Open!

Prepare to be stunned with this new collaboration between SeaWorld and Bubble Artistry.

To kick-start the beginning of summer, a brand-new show launched yesterday (May 31st) at SeaWorld Orlando and is set to ‘blow’ guests away with its stunning performance. This unique collaboration between SeaWorld and Bubble Legendary brings guests a live performance inspired from bubbles found in the sea and brings them to life in a truly artistic way. 

Each show will bring the unique talent from the renowned bubble legend and Guinness World Record Holder, Fan Yang to stage to perform a beautifully choreographed musical piece. 
Guests will be immersed in the world of bubbles as 23-foot tall screens surround the stage to display videos of the sea animals and the oceans. The stage is also fitted with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and lasers to enhance the beautifully crafted bubble artistry by combining technology, imagery, and live performances, surrounding the theatre with seemingly endless sea of bubbles.   
And if that's not immersive enough, at every show two members of the audience are chosen to be “bubblized”. So, if you’re the lucky chosen one, you will be ‘trapped’ in a life-size bubble at center stage - It’s truly spectacular! 
Here's a little preview of what to expect...

Fan Yang’s inspirations comes from the bubbles found in the oceans, “trails of bubbles left by swimming penguins and bubbles created by dolphins and whales all came to mind.” 
If you’re visiting SeaWorld Orlando this summer, be sure to catch one of the live performances of Pop, performing two to four times a day at SeaWorld’s Nautilus Theatre until September 4th 2017, with the exclusions of performances on Thursdays. And what’s even better is that Pop is included with park admissions! 
Not only will you be experiencing a brand-new show, but also, SeaWorld Orlando will see the launch of Kraken Unleased: Virtual Reality Experience later this month. This one-of-a-kind virtual adventure is the new and improved Kraken roller coaster. 
The all-new Electric Ocean nighttime spectacular will also debut, transforming the park after dark into an exotic underwater world that lights up the night, complete with a fireworks finale. 
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