Why You Should Visit Orlando in ‘Rainy Season’

Orlando is a great place to visit all year round - even if it does rain!

While summer months are the most popular for visitors to Orlando, it is also the ‘official rainy season’ period in the area. But what does that actually mean?

Many people can be put off from visiting a place because of the prospect of a ‘rainy season’. In Orlando’s case, the wettest months officially occur during June, July, August and September. However, this is also the best and the most popular time to holiday to the area. 

Realistically, while the months may be theoretically ‘wetter’, the rain is unlikely to heavily impact your vacation. As Florida has a more tropical climate, the rain only lasts for around two hours, at the most. 

The majority of the time, a quick downpour for less than half an hour is what actually happens. And in fact, this brief spell of rain is welcomed by locals and tourists alike, as it provides a welcome relief from the hot weather Florida state is known for. Cool down, take in the sounds of the raindrops, and continue to enjoy your holiday in this beautiful part of the world. 


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If you are concerned about navigating Orlando’s parks and attractions during the wet weather, don’t worry. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure you are prepared for the climate. 

Pack a waterproof poncho

These are cheap, light and arguably the easiest way to stay dry during a brief downpour. Bring bright coloured ones to make sure your photos still look amazing and Insta-worthy too!


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Dress appropriately 

Rain or no rain, wearing suitable and comfortable clothes for a day of attraction exploring is vital. Loose fitting, light clothing ensures you’ll stay cool in the heat. Quick drying attire ensures that - if you are caught out in the rain - you’ll quickly dry off and be back to having fun on your holiday in no time. Flip flops are not always a great footwear option, both in the wet and dry weather. There’s a risk of slipping when the group gets wet, and they aren’t the most comfortable when you’re spending an action-packed day discovering Orlando. We recommend shoes like trainers or sturdy sandals, which are worn in and comfortable. 

Pick the right attractions

While the weather forecast may not always be the most accurate of things to rely upon, it can help you when planning how to spend your days in Orlando. Have a loose itinerary that can be easily rejigged if the rain does strike. Attractions which are primarily inside are best in these cases, however you may also find that the busier, outdoor rides will be less crowded during the rain - it’s up to you! 


Kennedy Space Center

Remember - the Orlando theme parks and attractions are designed with Florida’s tropical climate in mind, so everything has been taken into consideration. Most onsite restaurants are sheltered or indoors, and ride queues are covered too. A lot of the rides are indoors as well, so a bit of rain won’t impact your ride experience. There’s also tons of other things to do like shows, shopping, and museums which, as we all know, are perfect wet weather activities - and something which you would most likely do anyway, rain or shine!

Don’t let a bit of rain ruin your trip. Enjoy the quick break from heat, splash around in the puddles and remember...you’re on holiday! Orlando downpours are short and sweet - you’ll back relaxing in the sunshine in no time at all. 

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