Frequently Asked Questions


What ID should be carried?

Disney does not accept foreign driving licenses. They will accept copies of passports combined with a photo ID. Or alternatively, the passport itself.

We would recommend following this advice when purchasing any age restricted products in Orlando.

What is the difference between the Orlando FlexTicket and the 5/6 park combo?

The Combo is made up of two separate tickets. The only difference is that the Orlando FlexTicket/FlexTicket Plus lets you use the same parking ticket for different parks on the same day.

I have received my Disney ticket but not the Fast Pass?

The Disney Fast Pass is incorporated into the ticket itself.

I’m travelling at the end of December and into January, will my tickets still be valid?

Yes, if buying tickets they must be activated for the first time on or before 31st December and will then run into the following year.

For Discovery Cove, can the other parks which come with it be accessed prior to the swim date?

The other parks can be activated prior to the date booked for Discovery Cove and will be valid for 14 consecutive days, allowing unlimited access. The only rule is that the date in Discovery Cove must fall within those 14 days.

Is the Disney/ Universal Combo and/or Freedom Ticket valid for 14 days?

It is made up of 2 or 3 separate tickets so they can be used independently from each other. Each one is valid 14 days from the 1st day of use.

Do you have a Disney ticket for less than 7 days?

No we don’t. You would need to buy tickets on the gate. However this is not a cheap way to purchase (at around $90 per person, per day) and if you’re likely to visit 4 or 5 parks then it is much better value to get our ticket.

Can I book specific seats for theatre shows?

All our seats are classed as the ‘Best Seats in the House’. This means front few rows of orchestra or mezzanine. But there are no specific seat numbers until the voucher is exchanged at the box office an hour before the show.

Will the transport pick up from my hotel for Orlando excursions?

Not necessarily. The tour company pick up from a few points to save time stopping off at lots of hotels. They are all centrally located so they won’t be far to go from your hotel.

Can I get tickets if I am travelling in the next few days?

Yes, you can give reservations a call to see if our express delivery can ensure they arrive in time. We have a 3 working day and a next working day delivery for a small fee.

I am travelling next year and there are ticket prices showing on the site for both this year and next, which do I buy?

You will need to purchase tickets for the year in which you will be first activating them.

Do we print customer names on the tickets?

We don't put customer names on Orlando park tickets as they are all real tickets and not vouchers.

Do deliveries have to be signed for?

We deliver by courier, so a signature is required. However, if the customer is not at home, our courier will take a photo of the door, track GPS co-ordinaries and post the tickets through the letterbox. This is only if it is secure, i.e. one door, one letterbox and not for flats.

Is the ticket protection per person or per booking?

The ticket protection options cover the WHOLE booking.

Why are infants not shown on my tickets?

You do not have to pay for infants under the age of 3.

Do the parks do OAP prices?

No, unfortunately they don't - it will be the adult rate. No matter what age you are always welcome at Orlando parks.

Are there discounts for military staff?

Yes, military staff can get 1 day admission to certain parks. However, it is still cheaper to book the 14 day tickets.

When should I sign my tickets?

It is best to sign them when in Orlando and before going to the theme park in question. If you have to cancel your holiday for any reason, then if your theme park tickets are intact and not defaced, they can be returned to us for partial refund or full refund if you have taken out the cancellation protection.

Disney Disability Access Service Card

What is a Disability Access Service Card and how does it work?

The DAS Card is designed to accommodate guests who aren’t able to wait in a conventional queue environment due to a disability (including non-apparent disabilities). A Disability Access Service Card will be issued at Guest Relations main entrance locations and will offer guests a return time for attractions based on the current wait time. As soon as the Guest finishes one attraction, they can receive a return time for another. This service can be used in addition to Disney’s FASTPASS Service and Disney FastPass+ service.

What will Disney Parks do if a Guest is concerned the DAS Card doesn’t meet their needs?

Disney Parks have long recognised and accommodated guests with varying needs and will continue to work individually with guests with disabilities to provide assistance that is responsive to their unique circumstances. Guests should visit Guest Relations to discuss their individual needs.

Who will be eligible for a Disability Access Service Card?

Disney Parks’ goal is to accommodate guests who aren’t able to wait in a conventional queue environment due to a disability (including non-apparent disabilities). Guests should visit Guest Relations to discuss their assistance needs.

How will guests get a Disability Access Service Card?

A Disability Access Service Card will be issued at Guest Relations main entrance locations. Guests will participate in a registration process, which also includes having their photo taken.

Why is Disney Parks doing this?

Disney Parks is modifying the current Guest Assistance Card program so it can continue to serve the guests who truly need it. The new program is designed to provide the special experience guests have come to expect from Disney. Disney Parks also hopes it will help control abuse that was, unfortunately, widespread and growing at an alarming rate.

Does the DAS Cardholder have to be present to obtain a return time at an attraction?

No. Another member of the DAS Cardholder’s travel party may obtain a return time but the DAS Cardholder must board the attraction with his or her party.

Where do DAS Cardholders go to receive return times?

At Disneyland Resort, guests will go to Guest Relations kiosks located throughout the parks to receive a return time. At Walt Disney World Resort, guests will go to the attraction to receive a return time.

Does a DAS Cardholder have to ride the attraction at the exact return time listed?

No. Return times are valid until redeemed by the DAS Cardholder.

How long is a DAS Card valid?

A DAS card is valid for up to 14 days depending on a guest’s ticket entitlement.

Is a DAS Card issued at one Disney theme park valid at other Disney theme parks?

Yes, the card will be valid throughout the resort at which it was issued.

Why doesn’t Disney Parks ask for proof of disability, such as a doctor’s note?

Disney Parks takes Guests at their word and there are legal restrictions around asking for proof.

Is this the only service available to Guests with disabilities?

Disney Parks offer a variety of services to guests with disabilities, such as Disney’s Handheld Device that offers assistive listening, captioning and audio description. Additionally, Disney Parks has developed a “Guide for Guests with Cognitive Disabilities.” This serves as a tool on how best to experience its theme parks and is expected to be available online by mid-October. Disney Parks will continue to provide excellent guest service and accessible experiences. Guests should visit Guest Relations at any park should they feel they need assistance due to a disability.

Does a Guest whose disability is based on the necessity to use a wheelchair or scooter need a DAS Card?

No, a Guest whose disability is based on the necessity to use a wheelchair or scooter does not need a DAS Card. Depending on the attraction the Guest will either wait in the standard queue or receive a return time at the attraction based on the current wait time. For some attractions at Disneyland Resort, these guests will go directly to an alternate entrance. Guests with additional needs should discuss them with Guest Relations.

Will Disney Parks continue to provide a service to wish-granting organisations?

The change will not affect those who are visiting on trips organised by wish granting organisations. There is a separate program for children with life-threatening illnesses.

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