Rivers of Light is Now Open at Walt Disney World!

Now open!

After a long wait, Disney’s brand new Rivers of Light show is finally open at the Animal Kingdom…

It's been a long wait, but guests visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom can now enjoy the extraordinary new show Rivers of Light! You might remember, that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Rivers of Light. The one-of-a-kind projection show was originally expected to launch last spring, but was postponed with no confirmed opening date- until now that is! The spectacular Rivers of Light made its debut on 17th February, adding to the exciting line-up of night-time experiences at the park.

Totally unique and utterly captivating, the show will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Get ready for an adventure as Disney invites you to “embrace the magic of nature and get swept away in a timeless show that celebrates the beauty of all living things”.


Rivers of Light Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World


The breath-taking story unfolds on the beautiful Discovery River, as bursts of colour illuminate the night sky. Watch in awe as the ancient lantern festival begins and a procession of animals take shape. Look out for vibrant elephant, owl, tiger and turtle shaped lanterns- some as big as 15-feet-tall and 30-feet-long! It’s not just animals though, as there will be 2 human storytellers and 2 of their students, all dressed in elaborate costumes created by New York- based designer Irina Kruzhilina.


Rivers of Light Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World


Packed with special effects from start to finish, there’s so much to see! Admire dancing water fountains leaping into the air as animal imagery is projected onto giant water screens. The combination of light, water and music blend together seamlessly to create an unmissable performance.


Rivers of Light Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World


Guests will watch Rivers of Light from the new Discovery River Amphitheatre which was purpose-built for the show. More than just a seating area though, the theatre will become a key part of the storytelling. Separated into two villages by the river- The Serka Zong Marketplace and the Discovery River shoreline, each has been influenced by Nepalese culture and will have plenty to explore.


Pandora- The World of Avatar Walt Disney World


Other amazing night-time attractions not to be missed, include Kilimanjaro Safaris which gives you the chance to see the animals at their most active, and Tree of Life Awakenings that sees the iconic tree become illuminated in a truly stunning display. Don’t forget, the highly-anticipated Pandora- The World of Avatar will have its grand opening on 27th May! The new immersive land is entirely themed on the smash hit movie Avatar and includes a thrilling Banshee ride (Avatar Flight of Passage) as well as a mysterious river adventure into the depths of the rainforest (Na’vi River Journey).


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